The company has authorized and qualified technical personnel to coordinate and provide the warranty and out of warranty services.

Based on the contract that Pecef has with Cargus Courier or through Pecef’s delegate person, the company ensures the collection of defects products (LCD/PDP, etc.).

For household appliances (white goods) the service is IN HOME – at customer place.

All service requests are taken and monitored through CALL CENTER  0344.40.30.30.

1. The rights of the buyer are referred to law 449/2003 and OG 21/1992 updated by OG 174/2008.
2. Use and installations instructions must be read and obligatory followed before installing and using the product.
3. In order to receive warranty repairs, the buyer is obliged to present both product documents: warranty certificate and original invoice/receipt of purchase.
4. The warranty period of the product extends with the period between claim date and repair date.
5. The seller is obliged to deliver the consumer products which are under sale contract.
6. It is considered that the products are in accordance with the sale contract if:
a) the products correspond with the description made by the dealer and have the same qualities as the dealer presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
b) meet any specific purpose required by the consumer, purpose made known and accepted by the dealer in sale contract;
c) meet the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used.
7. It is not considered to be lack of conformity if the sale contract time the consumer knew/could not,  reasonably be aware of this lack of conformity, or if the lack of conformity has its origin in materials supplied by the consumer.
8. Any product repairs or replacement will be made according to art. 11th of OG 174/2008.
9. Requests for free repair warranty, the customer must call PECEF TEHNICA SRL Call Center, dialing 0344.40.30.30.

DO NOT provide free service and does not replace defective products within the warranty term, in these conditions:

  • Mechanical damages and malfunctions due to improper transport made by the client.
  • Client’s failure of the handling, installation, use conditions and maintenance instructions specified in the products instructions for use.
  • Using the product in any other purposes than that of domestic use such as for professional activities( buffets, restaurants, hotels, services provided to the population, etc.).
  • Unauthorized personnel interventions carried out in the period of guaranty
  • Electrical connections, gas and water by unauthorized persons as well as instructions for the electric voltage failure, water composition, environmental minimum 16 °C temperature, higher gas pressure of 20 mbar, etc. To ensure proper functioning of cooking machines connected to natural gas networks with gas pressure fluctuation, we recommended installation of a pressure gas regulator, by qualified personnel.
  • Use of improper chemicals and detergents .
  • Parts and accessories of plastic or breakable material (glass, ceramics, etc.) and any removable parts are not covered by warranty.
  • Use the product in ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) contrary to the recommendations of the instructions received by the buyer.
  • Damage due to improper voltage supply or weather (earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, etc.).



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